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Thread: 3way switch - light fixture stays on

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    3way switch - light fixture stays on

    I swapped a couple switches for a caseta dimmer and pico remote but the light just remains on! Press and hold the off button but no green leds.Both boxes just have a single cable. One box has a neutral gang but the other box does not. I tried the dimmer in both boxes with the same result.So is the problem with neutral or is the LED fixture the problem (integrated bulb)?Thanks,Jon

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    Sounds like you have the old "California" three way. Easiest solution is to call an electrician to figure it out. Others here can do a better job of explaining how to decipher the wiring.
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    If you have a single cable in both boxes, there is another switch (maybe more) somewhere. If the lights are switched from 3 or more locations. There is a 3-way switch at either end and 4-way switches in the middle.
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    3 Day Dimmer solution in older house

    I had the same issue listed here. Each box had two black wires and one red. Issue was one switch was hot and controlled the connection to the second switch. I am not an electrician but I connected all three together at the unpowered end and then connected the two black wires to the dimmer. I capped the red off and the whole system then worked.

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    Did you cap off 1 red in just one of the boxes, or did you cap both the red wires in each box?

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