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Thread: Pro switch MLV blow off before i'm able to change ELV Mode

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    Pro switch MLV blow off before i'm able to change ELV Mode

    Hello, i bought a pro dimmer to work with my MLV recessed light. I followed the instruction ad the wiring is perfect. But by the time i put the breaker to ON and i get to the dimer to change the default mode from ELV to MLV the dimmer blow. In the instruction it tell to not power on the dimmer without load but it's the only way i think to change the mode before having a load and blow it again. Do you see any problem to power the dimmer without load change the mode and after plug the load??

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    I would recommend that before you turn the breaker on, pull the FASS tab out to cut power at the dimmer, then turn the breaker on. With the FASS tab pulled out, the dimmer and load won't be powered up from the breaker until you push the FASS tab pushed back in.When you get back the dimmer, follow the directions here to change the phase:

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    If you have the hot and neutral connected but not the load, the dimmer should power up. If it doesn't, it's broken.

    Some documents say the neutral is optional or not required. Life will be much easier if you use the neutral.
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    I have a neutral, do you see any problem to power it with hot and neutral only and no load? In the instruction they say to not power up the dimmer without load.

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    We power up neutral dimmers all the time without a load. Happens more than you would think in new construction or big remodels. Designer hasn't selected the chandelier by programming day. Power the dimmer, and we activate and transfer all the time in RA2. In your case, turn off the breaker and disconnect the load. Pull the FASS switch, go turn on the breaker, and come back. Close the FASS switch, perform the mode change. Close FASS, turn off breaker, attach load, turn on breaker, and close FASS. These things are pretty solid, hard to "blow up". I've tried.
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