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Thread: Disabling Movement of Lutron Shades

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    Post Disabling Movement of Lutron Shades

    Customer wants his shades in Homeworks QS to disable from opening or closing if his windows in the room is open. We will have a Napco Alarm system with contacts on all windows. I was wondering how I can integrate the state of the windows from the alarm system into Lutron. Any ideas appreciated.Thank You

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    I'm not familiar with Napco but I have done this before. Most security systems group contacts into zones. You will need to align the security zones with shades. All of the windows on my first floor are 1 zone. If I open the living room window, my dining window shades open. I can live with that.

    You will need to figure out how Napco communicates with Lutron. If it can send commands via IP (see Integration Protocal) that would be awesome. Otherwise you may have to use contact closures. Either works fine.

    You will need to create a variable for each window/door/group in Napco. You will need a QSE-IO. Program the CCI so that when the contact closes, it opens the shades and sets the variable to OPEN. Program the close event to reset the variable. I would not move the shade when the door closes. Let them choose what to do with the shade. If you are using integration protocol, program a phantom button the same way.

    For every button, timed event, etc. that controls the shade(s) you will need to add a conditional that says, IF DOOR (variable) is OPEN (state) then else .

    I would look at hiding a button somewhere that resets the variables just in case something gets out of sync.
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    Problem is it doesn’t disable control from the app

    nor from third party variable shades auromarkon systems. like a savant slider.

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