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Thread: Maestro Occupancy Sensors not communicating

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    Maestro Occupancy Sensors not communicating

    Homeowner/novice here, I'm having an issue with two Maestro Occupancy Sensor switches not communicating with one another. I'm re-doing the lighting in the stairway of my 2-story house. Initially I installed an occupancy sensor switch at the top of the stairs and 3-way wired it with a standard light switch at the bottom. Unfortunately, the sensor at the top wasn't able to pick up movement until someone was almost all the way up the stairs. So I swapped out the bottom 3-way switch with a second occupancy sensor switch. Both are wired as instructed in the insert, with black-black, black-black, red-blue, and ground-green/bare. I must be doing something wrong however, because as you go up the stairs, the sensor at the bottom never turns the lights on but the top sensor seems to work just fine. I've noticed by chance, that when the top sensor finally does catch movement and turns the lights on, the bottom (defunct) sensor blinks 3 times.The staircase is wired with power coming in at the top switch, a 3-wire running to the bottom switch, and 2-wire running up to the lights. This baffles me because the power is able to move through the switch in question and up to the lights but the sensor doesn't work. What is going on?! Any help or advice here would be a greatly appreciated.

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    You can't have 2 sensors on the same circuit. I've heard that other manufacturers have a system that does, but Lutron does not. The Lutron solution is to use a RPS sensor (remote, battery powered) and pair it with RA2 or Maestro Wireless devices.
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    Randy is right- but you could also use Caseta dimmers/switches as long as they aren't associated with a Smart Bridge. Caseta devices are much cheaper.
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