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Thread: Caseta Switch not pairing with app

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    Caseta Switch not pairing with app

    Hi - I have several Caseta dimmer switches throughout my house with no problems. I have 2 switches in 1 location, one of which paired fine. For the one that's not working, I press the off until the lights start to blink, but then nothing happens. Usually the app with continue with the setup but for this switch it does not, just hangs. I reset the switch to factory defaults, but still nothing. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks. Marqy

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    The first step is to confirm the switch is working (i.e. controlling the lights). If your dimmer/switch has a neutral it must be connected.

    I have seen installations where one device in the box will activate and the one beside it will not. You can try moving the bridge around. Sometimes a foot makes a difference.
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    Marqy,Typically this happens when the dimmer/switch is at the edge or outside of the range of the bridge.I agree with randyc. try moving the bridge a couple feet closer to it.

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