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Thread: Caseta light switch in unheated shed

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    Caseta light switch in unheated shed

    I was intending to install a Caseta switch (PD-6ANS) in my unheated shed so that I can turn the shed light on and off from the house with a Pica remote. However, I see that Lutron's temperature limit is minimum 0 deg C / 32 deg F. I'm in central Ontario, so it would certainly see colder weather than that! Has anyone installed Caseta hardware in similar circumstances? What goes wrong? I was considering a second PD-6ANS to switch my pool lights, powered by a low voltage controller. Any issues there?

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    One of the issues is condensation. Extreme changes in temperature can cause condensation in the device. Water, electronics, etc. I have put some devices outside with "weatherproof" covers. However, the covers are only designed to protect from rain. In any case, you are likely to see a reduced lifespan.
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