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Thread: Adding Caseta plug in lampto a SmartThings Hub which has already onboarded 44 Devices

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    Adding Caseta plug in lampto a SmartThings Hub which has already onboarded 44 Devices

    I see similar questions asked, but have not found a workable resolution. I have a Lutron bridge and the Caseta app on my ipad and iphone. When I try to add device, I do not see any option to add manually. If I scan, I do not see any new items. I can verify that the additional plug in lamp dimmer is working in the Caseta app and I am able to control it. How can I get this add on into my SmartThings?

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    I haven't worked specifically wih SmartThings but some systems integrate the Caseta device directly into their system. The Caseta device can be assigned to the Caseta bridge or to SmartThings but not both. I know Wink works this way. You will need to reset the lamp dimmer back to factory defaults.
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    The SmartThings integration is a cloud integration so you have to add it manually, tell Smartthings your Lutron login, and check the little box for the device you're trying to add.
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