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Thread: RS232 and IP Integration the same time

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    RS232 and IP Integration the same time

    We have a Homeworks Series 8 that we control via RS232 with AMX; now we added Control4 in parallel and connected via IP (added user name/ password) . Control4 works fine but for some reason we lost connection with AMX - Should they work in parallel at the same time? How do we get AMX control back online? Thank you

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    The RS232 and IP should work simultaneously. The processor will execute the commands in the order received, regardless of the source.

    Check the serial settings for the port AMX is connected to. I would do 19,200, N, 8, 1 and turn handshaking off. Changing RS232 settings requires an upload.

    Make sure AMX is connected to the correct port. The processor will accept commands from either port but if the settings don't match, the data will be scrambled.

    I wouldn't go above 19,200 baud. Although you can upload at 115,200, commands seem to get lost if you go above 19,200.
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