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Thread: Frequency Interference from Caseta?

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    Frequency Interference from Caseta?

    The frequency at which the Caseta bridge communicates with the dimmers...are they always the same, or are there different channels like a WiFi router that automatically chooses the most optimal signal? Ever since I setup my Caseta I started having issues with my Simplisafe cellular-based alarm system (wireless entry sensors randomly not responding) and Chamberlain MyQ universal garage door opener (Wifi based, it would go offline and I was unable to open/close the door from the smartphone app). The Caseta bridge and alarm tower were initially in the same cabinet, but once I relocated the Caseta my alarm issues went away. the MyQ also started functioning again after I reconfigured it from scratch, though it's still on the same side of the house as the Caseta.

    Are there any tips or best practices for eliminating potential interference?

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    I am having bluetooth headphone interference and trying to narrow down the issue. I wonder if it's my Caseta system...

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    Hello ChrisAbell and welcome to the forums,

    We are sorry to hear that the Caseta hub may be potentially interfering with your other devices. The hub utilizes our Clear Connect Type A protocol that is RF and operates at 434 MHz. An Indepth look at this protocol can be found here:

    The Caseta system only knows to communicate at the specified frequency. This cannot be changed.

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