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Thread: Lutron DVCL-153P / DVLV-600P dimmer

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    Lutron DVCL-153P / DVLV-600P dimmer

    Which is the correct dimmer to use with a dimmable magnetic transformer (12V DC output) to control LED strip lighting?

    The DVCL-153P or DVLV-600P ? Or something else?

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    Good morning,

    The DVCL-153p is not designed or rated to control transformers or LED Drivers. It is rated to control screw-in bulbs only.

    Also, a big issue with LEDs is that they are all being manufactured differently, and so the dimming performance will vary greatly from one to the next. Many LEDs on the market (including ones labeled as dimmable) have issues when placed on dimming controls. On top of that, low voltage LEDs are generally one of the toughest types of LED to dim. The issue with these products is due to the interdependencies between the LED, transformer and dimmer. Only certain transformers work OK on a given low voltage LED and even then, only certain dimmers will work, and even then the LEDs generally have some shimmer as you dim down.

    In the event that you are locked into this LED and transformer, we would suggest contacting the LED manufacturer and asking them for a list of dimming controls that they have found to be compatible with their product.

    If selecting another Driver is an option, we might be able to recommend one of our Lutron Drivers for use in this application. In order to determine if one of our Drivers would be applicable for you, would you be able to provide a spec for the LED you intend to control? If you do not have a spec, do you know the voltage, current and wattage rating of the LEDs? Our 2wire LED Drivers can be controlled with a DVCL-253P dimmer.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Probably the Lutron DVLV series.

    CharlesDickens, I believe you need something in the Lutron DVLV (gloss finish) / DVSCLV (matte finish) series. Reference page 89 of this Lutron catalog segment: You will want to confirm that with your LED lighting fixture supplier of course.

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    Aha! Strike that, CharlesDickens. You provided additional information in this thread ( and receieved a much better answer. Cheers.

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