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Thread: System Time Control on a Yacht

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    System Time Control on a Yacht

    Hi. First time post so please excuse any poor forum etiquette... We are installing a system on a luxury yacht and require the ability to change the system time zone and time via a third party control system when the yacht reaches a new location. I am able to change the time zone and system time from the 3rd party. Time zone isn't really and issue...25 time zones, 25 button commands withing the 3rd party controller. The time change is slightly different as Lutron have told me that you can't enter hours and minutes separately. Does anyone know of a control system that the end user can enter the time manually and then send the command? Otherwise, I will need more than 1400 different commands, depending on what time of day it is! Any help will be much appreciated.

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    This is a really great question, I think there's a few ways you could do this I'm certain you could run a script from a 3rd party control system or processor. It's more a mater of running a basic script with the new time rather than time zone as you cannot change the country without starting a new project in Homeworks QS Designer. The command for changing the processor time is #SYSTEM,1,15:30:25 (if we wanted to change it to 3:30:25pm)I would look into a possibly smarter solution of using a Raspberry Pi or other small computer, the possibilities of how you push the new time to the processor are infinite. You could go all out and have a gps time server and run a script to update at whatever frequency you prefer, or go manual with push buttons as mentioned and use time x +/- y hrs.The only other way I can think of is have a crew member telnet to the processor and run the system time command with the updated port time.

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    Thank you for your response. An automatic GPS time server would be the perfect scenario. However, my experience with both those and scripts is rather limited, if any at all. A crew member telnet sounds like the most practical and implementable idea, given my level of expertise. I’m able to use the command prompt from a laptop or computer to do this. Ideally, I’d like the same functionality from a tablet or third-party control station. Are you aware of a way to do such a thing?

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    Depending on how much time you've got to make it happen I'd even look at outsourcing it it's going to be pretty simple for someone who does get it and considering you'd get all the required equipment for around $100 whats the most programming it could cost? As for a terminal for telnet on tablets or cell phones there are lots of these readily available on IOS or Android, I'm not sure you'd be able to have the same functionality from a 3rd party control system but it's worth asking the question to the supplier, whatever way you choose just make sure you assign a username and password in HWQS Designer.

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    Not sure if this will work

    You could create an Ethernet device in the QS software. Assign it the IP address of a QS processor and set up username and password accordingly. Add commands for each time zone change you need (#SYSTEM,5,-12). Then program a phantom keypad with one button for each time zone. The crew could then use the Lutron App to select the time zone as they change time zones.

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