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Thread: Smart Bridge Pro, got a new router with IP scheme and now the app won't work at all

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    Smart Bridge Pro, got a new router with IP scheme and now the app won't work at all

    I have a Smart Bridge Pro and had it connected to my one router which used IPs like 192.168.x.x. My new router uses 172.31.3.x and has assigned an IP to the bridge no problem, as even if I access the bridge's IP from a web browser I'm taken to a Lutron login page. However if I open the Android app all it does it show the Lutron logo forever and a blue background. After about 5 minutes it then says "Cannot connect to your Lutron system" and you can either Retry which does the same thing, or press Help which let's me log out.If I log out, it then takes me to the login screen, so I enter my username and password, and it then just goes back to that Lutron logo with a solid blue screen for 5 minutes or so before giving the same message about cannot connect to your Lutron system. Why would changing the IP address of the bridge (which was configured for DHCP not static) have any impact on making this work?

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    It sounds like your App is looking for the bridge on the old network. Make sure your android device is on the new network. If you still can't get in, try connecting remotely by turning WiFi on the android device off. However, it may take a day for the new network to update. If that doesn't work you may need to repair the android with the bridge. I believe all the settings are stored on the bridge so you shouldn't loose anything.
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