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Thread: Caseta In-Wall Switch will only pair with App or Remote, not both.

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    Caseta In-Wall Switch will only pair with App or Remote, not both.

    Hi everyone, I have about 20 Caseta In-Wall Dimmers and just 2 In-Wall Switches. I've paired all the Dimmers to the app and the remotes they were previously paired with continue to work. However, the two switches I do have, stopped working with their remotes after I paired them.I've factory reset them with the 5 presses, hold, more presses. I've deleted them from the app and got them working with the remotes again. But as soon as I pair them to the app they stop working with the remote again.Has anyone ever run into this? Is there any advice you have? It's happening with both of the switches, but all the Dimmers are working fine...Thanks in advance for any help

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    Pico remotes can be paired with Caseta dimmers and switches without a Bridge. Of course you don't get the advanced features like time-clock, integration, etc. When you assign them to a bridge, the bridge determines what the Pico can control. With a bridge you can have a Pico control multiple devices. You will need to use the app to tell the Pico which devices/loads it is to control. I'm surprised the dimmers and Picos retained their pairing after being added to the bridge.
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    Unfortunately, this isn't working either.I've paired it to the remote, and it goes through the steps as if it is paired, but it never responds via the app. The physical pico remote will continue working with the Switch but the app doesn't do anything.

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