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    I installed 4 Lutron 3 way dimmer switches in 4, 4 way lighting lineups. Dimmers at line side, 4 way switch in the middle, and a 3 way switch on the load end.
    Turned power on at 3 way dimmer switch and circuit worked. Shut off circuit at 4 way switch, turned back on at end 3 way switch, and turned off at 3 way dimmer switch. When I went to turn on at 4 way switch, circuit didn’t work.
    There was power on line input on 3 way dimmer, but no power on either travelers to the 4 way switch or on the load end 3 way switch. System only came back when I switched the 3way dimmer back to the original position.
    Here’s the strange part. If I put a standard non-dimmable 3 way switch instead of the 3 way dimmer, everything works properly. Customer wants dimmer switches! Any solutions?

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    What is the model of your dimmer? Electronic dimmers, like Maestro, require companion dimmers at the 3-way/4-way locations. Some models can work with a single, mechanical 3-way switch.

    Mechanical dimmers, like Diva/Ariadni, work with standard mechanical 3-way/4-way switches but must be installed in one of the 3-way locations. Make sure you get the common from the mechanical 3-way to the black/common of the dimmer.
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