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Thread: Pre Deploy system - Repeater Considerations

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    Pre Deploy system - Repeater Considerations

    Scenario: In my office I will be setting up a Main Repeater, Aux Repeater, 7 Dimmers, 2 Keypads and 2 PICOS before shipping them to a client site.Given the layout of the Clients Site, the 7 dimmers and 2 PICOS will be closest to the AUX repeater and the 2 Keypads will be closest to the Main Repeater. Question: What considerations do I need to make in the order of operations or placement of the devices when I activate them? I have concerns (based off prior experience) that the main repeater and the AUX repeaters do not operate in the same manner as a single QS RF link with multiple repeaters where they can "mesh" together. It seems on older jobs where an AUX repeater has been added after the fact, I have had to re-activate some dimmers to get them to communicate "away" from the Main Repeater and to the AUX but I can't be certain.Do I actually need to space these devices out physically during activation so they are closer to the respective Main or AUX repeater or does it not matter? Anyway I go, the AUX will obviously be activated first. TIA.Also, apologies for the formatting, I can't seem to get the page breaks to take, even after editing.
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    No considerations needed. The devices will be received by either repeater, they are not assigned to a specific repeater. Lutron uses "group" networking- all repeaters send the same signal to the devices (very short- think quarterback calling a play at the line of scrimmage). Then all devices hear the command and respond IF they are part if the programming. Then the devices reply to the repeaters directly. No "mesh" involved. Ensures rapid, consistent, instant response- compared to Zigbee, Z Wave, and WiFi switches. One thing to note- activating the system at your shop sets a frequancy and language combination that works AT your shop. There is a VERY slim possibility that another RA2 system will share the exact same freq/lang combo onsite, about 1 in 16565 chance. Chances are very good you should be absolutely fine commissioning the system in the shop.
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    Lutron used to have a product called RadioRA-SR (single room). It was a 5 zone system that was pre-programmed at the factory. They only sold 6 of them so, in reality, it was probably programmed at an engineers' house. They also had a system called AuroRA which was similar but designed to fit toggle style plates. Lutron's retail distribution at the time was limited to stand-alone devices. Dealers didn't like these systems because it took away programming fees. Neither system lasted very long.

    There are supposed to be some dealer tools coming to the app. I haven't seen/tested/used them yet.
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