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Thread: Suggestions on how to integrate a split-system ductless HVAC system with RadioRA2

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    Suggestions on how to integrate a split-system ductless HVAC system with RadioRA2

    Does any one have any suggestions on how to integrate a split-system ductless HVAC system with RadioRA®2?

    I have a client that wants to automate/integrate his system but I have zero useful solutions as these are ductless systems that directly heat/cool rooms unlike your typically HVAC systems. The appliance module will shut down power to the whole system which causes the system to loose programming & settings on the individual units so that won't do.

    Thank you in advance for any & all options.

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    Unfortunately, the HVAC Controller and Honeywell TouchPro unit are not compatible with ductless HVAC systems. If the HVACs are losing the programming on a power cycle, it does not appear that these could be controlled by the RadioRa2 system.

    Attached is the spec sheet for both the HVAC Controller and TouchPro. You can see on page 4 the systems these are compatible with.
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    I use a lutron t-stat in the room for monitoring only, add a 24vac 1/4amp wall wort transformer to power it up. Daikon has their own wifi app now to control this type. If it's Fujitsu or goodman you out of luck as far as the apps are concerned, they don't play well with control.
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    Does anybody have any updated information if it is possible to use a touchpro with ANY ductless systems. I googled and found "LG Dry Contact for Third Party Thermostat PDRYCB300" . Any idea if this would work?

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    Why bother? What is it you want to integrate? Because it's not like the app on devices is an ideal way to control thermostats. Yeah, it works, but there's lots of other better ways to control thermostats. Is it apps, buttons or schedules? Because all of them could be done with whatever 3rd party automation systems are already known to work with that particular kind of HVAC system. Perhaps starting from that angle might produce better results?

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