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Thread: Program dimmer as standard on/off?

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    Program dimmer as standard on/off?

    Here's the scenario: in a home there are 15 locations with grafik t dimmers originally planned to control LED strip accent lighting. The standard LED strips were changed to put a z-wave RGBW controller and RGBW LED strip lights there instead (tied into a z-wave based automation system that is also integrated with RRA2). This causes a problem, because the RGBW controller requires constant 24v DC.One solution would be to replace the dimmers with regular switches. No problem.But I'm wondering if there is a way to program the dimmer to act strictly as on/off switch instead of dimmer. Subsequent up/down presses can be intercepted by the z-wave system and control dimming on the RGBW controller directly.Is that possible?Thanks!

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    I don't think there is. But you are setting up a user issue by trying to layer a RadioRA 2 device on top of a z-wave device. This is the same issue Philips Hue users have if they add a light to a switched circuit. The way to address this issue in a RadioRA 2 environment is to 1) get a Lutron compatible Z-Wave controller. Hubitat (my favorite), Homeseer, Home Assistant, others. 2) Eliminate the switch/dimmer by hard wiring the load to the line. The circuit breaker becomes the only way to turn off the power to the Z-Wave device. 3) Add a Pico to the main repeater, but don't assign any dimmers/switches to it. Put it in place of the dimmer on the wall, 4) in the Z-Wave controller system add the Pico and have it control the Z-Wave device. You'll also be able to have a seeTouch keypad control the Z-Wave devices, either independently or in conjunction with Lutron devices.

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    Yeah, it's Homeseer with RRA2. So there's no way to set min dim level to 100% and max to 100% (so in essence it's always 100% when it's not off)?Thanks!

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    There is NO way to make a RA2, or any of the digital dimmers, to behave as a switch. It still ramps up and down, albeit incredibly fast. I have seen this tried many times, and have yet to see a single instance where it held up longer than a few weeks. You'll either fry thy the dimmer (or hybrid keypad) or you'll fry the fixture (your driver in this case). Easiest solution you already provided, swap for a switch. Just expensive on the Graphic-T side of RA2. Make them add anther dimmer somewhere and re-use it.
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