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Thread: One Dimmer Affecting Another

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    One Dimmer Affecting Another

    I have two Maestro Dimmers on two separate circuits. There is no shared neutral, I double check it.

    Dimmer 1 is attached to a single bulb.
    Dimmer 2 is configured as a three way switch. It had the companion dimmer on the other end. This is connected to 8 LED bulbs with a total draw of 120 Watts.

    If I start dimmer 1 first.
    When I Dim Dimmer 1 to the low settings, Dimmer 2 will not start, I see the light at the lowest level on Dimmer 2 but it won’t go any higher.

    When I raise the dimmer level of dimmer 1, Dimmer 2 would work normally and have that soft start that I programmed.

    If I start dimmer 2 first. Dimmer 1 works without any issues.

    I’m out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

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    These are Maestro Dimmers to make it clear.

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    Check the wiring. I like this wiring diagram (mostly because I can read 1/3 of the languages it uses). Power always comes in on the black screw/wire. The only thing shared between the 2 dimmers is the ground and (possibly) the power-in. Power out to the light or companion dimmer on the brass/red. The blue is only used for communication with companion dimmers. They use the red wire from the wall which I find helpful when tracing wires around the house.
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