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Thread: Lights come back on by themselves / won't stay off

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    Lights come back on by themselves / won't stay off

    One set of lights in our RadioRA2 system comes back on immediately when turned off either from one of the dimmers (4-way installation in stairwell) or from the Lutron App. This only happens sporadically - sometimes turning it off again helps, sometimes 5-10 tries and/or only from different dimmer. Numerous lights in the overall system, but only the stairwell lights have this problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    More details please. Type of lights? How many? Do they come back on at full bright or dim? Type of dimmer?

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    Make sure the plates are not pinching the buttons. Verify that the tap-switch on the dimmer/companions operate freely. Same for keypads.
    Are there any motion sensors in the system?
    Disconnect any 3rd party integration. Unplug the Ethernet (for testing).
    I did see a client put a box on a tabletop keypad. The weight of the box was just enough so it would randomly push buttons on the keypad.
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