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Thread: disabling an occ sensor based off of a scene

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    disabling an occ sensor based off of a scene

    Hey guys, My client has asked for me to disable an occ sensor in a couple different instances and I am having issues with the programming. What he has asked for is, if the lights are on already(whether they are on from a whole house scene or have been turned on to 10%) that the motion sensor does nothing. For example, if he has turned on the bootroom lights to 10% and walks into the room he doesn't want the motion to turn the lights up to 100%. The only time the lights should go to 100% is if the lights were off. Also in one room he wants the lighting to follow that same scheme but the shades to automatically close when motion is detected and open when it times out. Thanks for any help you can provide

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    You can program the "Auto-On" feature in RPS sensors (at the sensor itself). These may not work as you still want to trigger the shades.

    Enabled: The lights will always turn on.
    Low Light: Lights only turn on if there is not sufficient ambient light in the room.
    Disabled: Vacancy mode, only turns lights off.

    You can stack conditionals so I think this will work
    On the Program tab, select Occupancy
    Change program type to Conditional
    The first thing is to see if the lights are on. You want a statement like: If "light(s)" is from "1" to "100" the "action1" (do nothing)
    Then you want a statement that turns the lights on if they are off. Then add a statement to close the shades (If area is occupied then run action2/close shades).

    You will need to add a conditionals on the unoccupied side to turn the lights off and open the shades.
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