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Thread: Scheduled Scenes won't run no internet

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    Scheduled Scenes won't run no internet

    I have some scenes scheduled. My system is not connected to the internet, but I do have a wireless router. The scenes will not run on a schedule but I can run them fomr the app. I was under the impression you didn't need an internet connection for this. I did set up the bridge at my home which has internet, but when I bright it to my cabin without internet the schedules won't run. I was told by tech support it was because I have no internet for the time, but I thought it would run from what I have read here. Does it reset each time it is turned off, like when I unplugged it to bring it to my cabin? Is there a way to make it run scenes on a schedule without an internet connection? Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm going to guess that the Smart Bridge forgets the time when it gets unplugged. The programming of the scenes is probably intact, but the bridge can't hit the time server. You might be out of luck on this one, look into a wireless rural area Internet service provider, or instead maybe some kind or cellular-based modem. That would allow you to only pay for the data you use. Hope this helps!
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    The bridge will go to the Internet to get/update time.

    Try going to settings, advanced, time and location. This will set the time zone and location to your home. I'm not sure if this will actually set the time.

    Lutron occasionally update bridge firmware. If your bridge is offline for long periods it may have missed an update or three. Contact tech support to see if your bridge missed an update. You will need to be online for them to check.
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