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Thread: New Fan Control Speeds

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    Unhappy New Fan Control Speeds

    Switched from GE Z-Wave dimmers, switches, and fan controls to the relatively new Lutron Caseta fan control. The fans are 3 speed pull chain (high, med, low). 4 if you count off. The fan runs normally on high on Caseta Fan Control. Any other setting and the fan turns too slow to be useful, even on MED HIGH. I think MED HIGH is about the same as LOW on the pull chain or the GE fan control. The older GE Z-Wave fan controls just had High/Med/Low and corresponded closely to the High/Med/Low on the pull chain. I'm stumped. The fans are circa 1990 (maybe older) Hunter fans.

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    Make sure the pull chain is on the highest setting. Then use the Caseta control to change speeds.
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    Yep, it's on high. Turn it down one notch using the Lutron Fan Control and it goes so slow I can count the RPM. I should have read the reviews on Amazon. Seems like I'm not the only one with issues with this.I'll try calling support tomorrow.

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