My system was installed in 2002 and I purchased
My home In 2006. My system is basic with only lights and fan controls. I replaced some incandescent CBR 30 s with CFL R 30 dimmable
Over last 10 years with no problems as they were
Compatible. CFL s are getting scarce so I started replacing with dimmable led s made lay Sunco
Now they want stay on but 5 minutes or so and go off and I have to keep turning them back on
In an effort to overcome this I replaced all my kitchen bulbs with original incandescents but they
Still go off after 5 minutes. I have 6 Sunco dimmable leds in my pantry and they stay on with no problem. My lutron touch pads are HWI-KP-LB6 and the kitchen circuit is back to back with the pantry circuit. I interchanged the touch pads and kitchen circuit still goes off after 5 minutes but the pantry stays on so the touch pads are ok.
This leaves the problem in my control modules in the basement utilities room.
I reinstalled my staircase lamps with incandescent and they also only stay on around 5 minutes or so then go off
I have 28 drivers including two fan drivers.
There’s 7 drivers in each module cabinet.
My HWI-MI -120 processor is located in cabinet
Module one and has a manual over switch.
I can hit the override switch and every light in the entire house comes on and stays on.
When I turn on a circuit with the Sunco led R 30 s
The bulbs make a crinkle noise as they heat up then go off after 5 minutes.
My garage touchpad circuit has 18 double 4 foot
flouresent strips and they all stay on with no problems. I have touch pad controled flouresent strips under my kitchen cabinets that have no problems
It’s impossible to convert my home to standard 120 volt switches
Does anyone have any trouble shooting I can perform.