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Thread: Serena shade lowering slowly on its own after opening

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    Serena shade lowering slowly on its own after opening

    I have a 5' wide x 5' high blackout Serena shade that after I open it, it will slowly start to close as if the weight of the shade itself is pulling it closed. It is just over 2 years old and historically it was just lowering a small amount and was not a big problem, but now it is lowering itself all the way closed. Not sure if this is relevant, but I have the shade integrated to Alexa with another Serena shade in the room and we use voice to open and close them as well as straight through the Lutron app and either way the same problem exists. Anyone know of a fix for this?

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    You can try resetting to factory defaults. However, if it is a mechanical failure, this won't help.
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    If you are unable to get this issue corrected, please email a video of the shade doing this to also include the Order Number and Line Number on the sticker up in the the headrail of the shade.

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