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Thread: Elite RL475

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    Elite RL475

    I see the Elite RL475-700L leds are listed here. course I bought the RL475-550L without looking at the list, and installed them. The Lutron caseta switch is buzzing like hell. Does this mean they are not compatible?

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    I had bought a few packages to use in other areas of the house. I installed a different switch in the same location. Much less buzzing, but there is still buzzing when the room is silent. If these switches are all the same, why would one buzz far more than another? I'm a master electrician by the I have gone over all my connections and they are all good. I have installed the 700 Lumen varient of these and used these switches before because at one point I did look at the compatibility sheet. Of course, it wouldn't have even crossed my mind to think that the 550 lumen varient wouldn't have been tested.

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    The REL475-550L is listed on the page you linked. It's not uncommon for manufacturers to change the electronics between model numbers. Even if the lumen output is the only change. The test you referenced was almost 2 years ago. Again, it's not uncommon for manufacturers to randomly change electronics. They test sheet also noted there were "some" compatibility issues. First, make sure all your neutrals are separated. Then confirm the model dimmer you have is the 6WCL. Then set the upper and lower trim per the test sheet. I might even go 10% and 85%.
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