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Thread: Cannot add Alexa Lutron skill

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    Cannot add Alexa Lutron skill

    I currently have several Caseta dimmers and switches. I also have the Lutron hub. I am able to control all the switches via the Lutron app. However, I am unable to add the Alexa "Caseta and RA2" skill. When I get to the screen in the Alexa app where you press the Authorize button I get a message indicating that "No Home is Available" Obviously there is a home hub or the Lutron app would not work. I assume that this must be a network setting issue, but I have no idea what. My current router is an EdgeRouter X by Ubiquiti. DOes anybody have any ideas on this?Thanks,Aaron

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    Lutron uses a network feature called Multicast. Some routers, especially the nice ones, have Multicast disabled by default. Adding Caseta to Alexa is a 2-part process. You must add the Lutron skill to Alexa, then tell her to find the devices.
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