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Thread: MA-T51 Timer and Panasonic fan

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    MA-T51 Timer and Panasonic fan

    Ths Panasonic exhaust fan was on a Leviton countdown timer that had started buzzing and had to be replaced. The fan is rated at 2.7 amps. I put an MA-T51 timer on it and the timer failed to start the fan (or maybe it's switching on and off so rapidly the blades never move?). The Fan's LED light is on a different switch. The timer controls only the fan. Any ideas?

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    Test the fan by connecting the 2 black wires together and turning power back on. If the fan works, you have a defective timer. It's extremely rare that a device is bad out of the box but it can happen. If the fan didn't work, check the neutral connection.
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    Timer on Panasonic fans

    I have also installed the MA-T51 timers on three Panasonic fans. None of them work on those fans. I also install another MA-T51 timer on a Nutone fan and it works perfectly. The timers that don't work just flash the timer lights. My question is, could it be that the Panasonic fans having DC motors wont respond to the timers?

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    Hello treecatcher,Thank you for your post! It sounds like you might be dealing with a minimum load issue with the Lutron Maestro countdown timer and the Panasonic fans. We would suggest utilizing the neutral based version of this Maestro countdown timer (Model# MA-T51MN) as it reduces the minimum load down significantly. Please visit our support site for more information on the MA-T51MN @ Hope this helps!! -JustinF.

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