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Thread: Lutron Homeworks series 4 Processor - original software

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    Lutron Homeworks series 4 Processor - original software

    Hi All,Really, Really grateful for any help on here, my friend and I arein the process of putting together a GRX Lutron lighting system... and to cut a long story short -The software we are using is too 'new' - and doesn't work properly.So if anyone can send me (somehow) the 'original' software for the Homeworks Series 4 Processor unit -we would be extremely gratefulmany thanks in advanceAlex

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    The software is at the Lutron dealer site. Its under legacy products. I believe all the legacy stuff is installed from the web, i.e. there is no single, downloadable file. You will need to identify which processor you have. HW Interactive processors have model numbers like H-RFP, H4-H48, and H4-PO. HW Illumination processors have model numbers like H4-P5xxx and HR-P5xxx.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Ok - will look into it - thanks -

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    Homework’s interactive

    How do I find my original processor program that was installed in 2002 by lutron dealer in Glennwood Springs Colorado. Would they have a copy of it. I bought my home in 2006 and have no records of the installation. I am having problems since I recently switched out incandescents bulbs
    To new Leds. All of the circuits that I swapped out now only stay on 5 minutes and go off until I turn them on again and 5 minutes later they go off again. In my kitchen circuit I switched back to incandescents but they still go off after 5 minutes.
    Did I damage my RPM 4U modules ?
    My system is very basic with only lighting and a few fans . My security system is completely separate and not integrated at all.
    If I have a vacation mode how do I locate it and reset it ?
    I have 49 key pads and if one of them is where the vacation mode button is located is it marked?
    In the 13 years I have owned my home I have never known I have the vacation mode button.
    I am thinking I don’t have one.
    In those 13 years there are some exterior lights
    That come on around 1:00 AM for about 2 hours and automatically go off.
    I don’t think they are controlled by a time clock
    Because they would come on later and later due to power failures over the years which has not happened.

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    Thank you for your post Tankie.Access to the HomeWorks Software is avaliable after the training is completed by the dealer. At this time if you do not have a copy of the program, we would recommend find a new dealer with our Where to buy tool found here at With a new dealer they will be able to help to service the system. As for switching to LEDs, the HomeWorks system you have installed in your home was not designed with LEDS in mind. Swapping in LEDs, would not cause damaged to the RPM-4U. Unfortunately, there is currently no industry standard for the manufacturing of LEDs and the performance will vary with different dimming controls. We do test LEDs to work with RPMs and you can find some LEDs. If selecting an LED you could use our LED product selection tool, found at This LED selection tool will allow you to generate a list of compatible LED products for all of our LED rated dimming controls. You will all be able to access a testing report for each of the LEDs listed here. The report will provide you with a list of all the dimmers we can recommend for that LED, the amount of LEDs each dimmer can control and the dimming range you will experience.As for the lights going on and off we would need a support file sent into to help figure out the cause of the issues. We do apologize and hope this helps!

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