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Thread: Maestro Motion Sensor Questions.

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    Maestro Motion Sensor Questions.

    First of all I'm a newbee so please excuse my lack of knowledge. Using the Lutron Maestro Light Switch as the device in question, does detected movement need to be caused by a living / warm blooded thing? More precisely can motion detection be caused by a car entering a garage? This scenario would have whatever movement occur within the field of detection of the Lutron device and be within 30 feet or less. TIA for any help received. BobHelms

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    Cool Installation

    The sensor has an arrow that says up. Can install it in other orientations?

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    Most Lutron sensors use Passive Infrared (PIR) which senses heat. I couldn't find anything that says what the temperature range is. The other issue I see is that the sensors use zones. The sensor has zones and as the heat moves between zones it identifies that as movement. I'm not sure what effect an object as large as a car would have since it likely covers several zones. Lutron does make sensors with dual-technology (PIR and ultrasonic). Ultrasonic sends out a sound wave so it doesn't have to be line of sight. It is also more expensive. The sensor would probably function if installed up side down. However, the orientation of the sensor would be different. You can't re-aim the sensor so its effectiveness would be unknown.
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    Good Afternoon Citizen!Lutron PIR can be best summarized here -- This white paper was created to give you a firm explanation with the math to back it up. As to a garage and detecting a car, you certainly could do so assuming the car was both hot and moving within the detection range of your sensor. Good luck Citizen I'm off to do battle with poor planning by using my Designer software!

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