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Thread: Lutron switch dead?

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    Lutron switch dead?

    I have had Lutron-Caseta In-wall dimmer for almost 2 years and all of sudden, I see it lost power, that means no LED lights on. It has stopped working. I checked using power tester that current is coming fine to that outlet. I'm clueless on what might be working. Is this dead now? These are expensive switches to be honest, I don't want to spend another $65 to replace this if this is not that reliable and with life span of just 2 yrs..Any advice?

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    Has anything in the fixture changed? In order for most Caseta dimmers to function, a dimmable light bulb must be connected and operational. This is because the dimmer leaks power through the lamp to power itself. If that doesn’t work, call Customer Support and they will help troubleshoot and likely send a replacement if necessary.

    Hope this helps!
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions

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    As evan said, make sure you have 1 functioning bulb. The other thing I have seen is the wires coming loose. They sit there for months or years and eventually fail. Usually because they don't have a good twist on the wires. This creates arcs and causes issues. I would check the neutral first.
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    Thanks Evan and Randy- I did have functional dimmable bulbs attached with lamps and switch was working fine as said for almost 2 years and all of sudden now, not working! I did try to reconnect wires again and tried but no luck, still looking like dead switch :(. I'll probably call Customer support and see if they can help. These are expensive switches, expect them to work more time really than this.

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