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Thread: Lumea C-L Dimmers compatible 3 way switch (without dimmer)

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    Lumea C-L Dimmers compatible 3 way switch (without dimmer)

    I bought Lumea C-L dimmers which work great. However i have some lights which need to be controlled from 2 locations, and I was told I can't have 2 Lumea C-L Dimmers and one of them has to be simple 3 way switch without dim functionality. My question is 1) Is this true 2) If it is true, can then the dimmability function on Lumea C-L Dimmers can be disabled 3) If 2 not possible, what are various models of Lutron 3 way switches without dimmability which look similar to lumea models Thanks a lot!

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    I think you are confused. If you have a 3-way, you can install a dimmer in one location. The other location must be a 3-way switch. You can't successfully install two dimmers on a 3way switch. You refer to installing a dimmer and "disabling the dimability function" and I'm not sure what you mean. The location without the dimmer can be any standard 3-way switch. I would recommend a Decora style switch since you have a Decora style dimmer. If you wanted to dim from both locations, you would want a Maestro dimmer. They utilize a remote companion device that communicates with the dimmer over the existing wiring. A Lumea 3-way dimmer has model number LECL-153M and any 3-way switch from Home Depot will work. A Maestro 3-way multi-location dimming system has model number MACL-153M (Master device) and MA-R (companion device)Hope this helps!
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions
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