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Thread: Programming for rrd-vcrx

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    Lightbulb Programming for rrd-vcrx

    Hello, I have a VCRX that I plan to install to control garage lights. My idea is to use the light bulb socket on the Lift Master P3 motor to operate a NC/NO contact. To control 2 events, when the garage door motor lights turn on, they will trigger NC and through the input 1 of the VCRX turn on the garage lights. Then after 5 minutes, the garage door motor lights will time-out and trigger NO through input 2 of the VCRX event to turn off garage lights. My question is: Will this work or will I have a constant off-triggering event that will interfere with the homeowner using the keypad button for manual control? I wish to use this as a workaround because the occupancy sensors are unpredictable for sensing human motion for some reason. The homeowner requests a bypass feature for when they are working in the garage. Has anyone answers or suggestions before I field test this idea? Thank you for any help.

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    You can add a cheap magnetic dry contact closure along the rails of the garage door, that connects to the VCRX. Program the system to turn on the lights when the garage is opened, and turn off the lights after a delay when closed. Here's my post about the device I used:

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