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Thread: Friends of Hue Pico

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    Friends of Hue Pico

    LUTRON! You need to make this happen asap!
    The Aurora switch is a nice start. But those of us who are tech savvy ripped all of the ugly toggle switches out of our walls decades ago in favor of rocker switches.
    And then we replaced them all with Lutron's Maestro switches. Years later, our homes evolved into smart homes and we all discovered Caséta switches. Now we have a few Hue color bulbs in the house but all of the remote and switch options for them are hideous! We have gotten used to the elegant form factor and user interface of Lutron Switches and Pico remotes on pedestal remote stands.

    Now is the time!
    Please produce a four button Friends of Hue Pico remote so we can install them into our light switch plates and onto our Pico pedestals. Heck! You've practically already done it before with the Connected Bulb remotes! Just give us that exact same form a factor! You finally have Philips' blessing now.
    We have been patiently waiting. It's time to make this happen.

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    You can do this with ClearConnect picos and a third party controller. Most people seem to gravitate toward Hubitat or HomeSeer. They require the Smart Bridge Pro and they allow you to fully integrate a Pico remote with a smart bulb.

    That said, it would be nice if Lutron could make it happen. The aurora demonstrates it is technologically possible. I really don’t like smart bulbs but that doesn’t stop people from buying them.
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    Lutron tends to work in the opposite direction - licensing their tech to other manufacturers. If I had to guess, I'd say Philips probably approached Lutron about manufacturing this device. This is the only example I can think of where Lutron put another technology (Zigby) in their device. I'd say there is a better chance of Philips putting clear connect in their bulbs.
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    The Aurora was initially designed for the average homeowner who doesn't have their home integrated into a full Lutron system.Who knows what the future holds?Thank you for your suggestion on ways to make Lutron products better. I've passed it on to the appropriate parties for a possible future product.

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    Not sure if this is allowed, by runlesswire have what I think you are asking for.

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    I'm actually doing this with my hubitat (reason I originally bought the hubitat) and it's working pretty well. I do think Lutron should make this product though as far as Iv'e seen their Pico is the best button controller on the market atm.

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    This use of a pico remote is common with control systems which I think is why we may not see a Hue specific Pico.

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