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Thread: Sivoia qssc-edu-10 and radiora2

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    Sivoia qssc-edu-10 and radiora2

    I currently have radiora with a few keypads and dimmers. I have some Sivoia QS motors (qssc-edu-10) that I would like to add to the system. I'm not very familiar with the shading system. Whats needed to tie these into Ra2?Thanks!

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    Your shade should have 2 connectors - a 4-pin connector for power and control and a 2nd 2-pin connector. You attach a QSYC-J-RCVR (MSRP $365) to the 2-pin connector. You need 1 receiver per shade. Shades can only be part of 1 system at a time. If you have wired keypads you won't be able to use them if the shades are part of the RA2 system. It does open the possibility for Pico remotes. There is a Lutron job number on a sticker on the shade. I would call Lutron to confirm what options you have.
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