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Thread: Caseta and Alexa - voice commands with room awareness

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    Caseta and Alexa - voice commands with room awareness

    So I'm testing out caseta and installed 3 switches in my daughter's room and created an Alexa group called Mia.

    She can say turn on Mia lights and it works. But that's not intuitive. I'm wondering if there is a way to program it to say 'turn on my lights' such that the echo knows which room it is in and turns out the lights grouped to that room.

    Then I can install another set in my son's room and he can also say 'turn on my lights' and since it's the Alexa in his room, his lights would be linked to that specific echo.

    Sort of like how sonos works. They don't have to specify the Sonos name, the echo knows which Sonos is in the same room.

    If I say 'turn off my lights', the echo says which devices do you mean and I have to respond all of them.

    Thanks, caseta and smarthome noob

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    Short You can not have 2 rooms/buttons with the same name.
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    The dimmers/switches work the same way as the Sonos speakers. The feature is called room awareness and is not easily found on Amazon's site, but is via Google.The dimmers need to be in the same group as the Echo. And each Echo should be in its own physical space.So in your case, each kid would have an Echo device and dimmers in their own Alexa group. And then each could say the generic "turn on my lights" (or other generic terms like "turn on the lights") while in their rooms and the command will only control the desired lights.

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    Yes you can ..

    If you have an echo device in that room, and group the device with the switches in the room, then saying "Alexa, turn of the lights" will turn off the lights grouped in that room. The key is attaching the Echo device into that room. This is how we have our house set up and it works rather well.

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