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Thread: is there a better way to do this?

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    Question is there a better way to do this?

    Client has a button on a seeTouch keypad to be used for turning off all of the lights/fans (and close the shades) when leaving the house. The button is programmed as a "toggle" based on a single variable:

    Day (On) - turn off lights/fans, close shades
    Day (Off) - open shades

    Night (On) - turn off lights/fans, close shades, set vacation mode
    Night (Off) - turn on some lights, turn off vacation mode

    the issue is with vacation mode...if the initial press turns off all of the lights and then vacation mode turns on a light, scene logic for the LED will turn the LED from on (the initial press) to off since the level of the lights won't be equal and room logic does't make sense here.

    what I did was create an automatic sequence with 1 step (and no tracking) that turns on the LED in the step and turns off the LED in the terminate tab. Pressing "on" starts the sequence and pressing "off" stops the sequence and the button's LED state is set to "defined by sequence"

    is there a better way to do this?


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    I'll go on a limb there and suggest you do it fully conditional, therefore being able to test the status of vacation mode and/or defining which action determines the LED state.

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    sure, but every time I add a new load to vacation mode, I would have to go back and modify the button programming..thanks

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    Im still trying to understand this but If the house is in vacation mode who would see the Led ? Anyway what about having the logic flash the led when in vaction mode so they know its in vacation mode . Then the logic may make more sense

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    if the LED is off and you came home, pressing the button again would be an "on" press, not an "off"

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    That's not neccasseraly true . If you explain in just a little more detail what your trying to achieve I'm pretty sure myself or someone else can write it conditionally to get your end result. The button type might not wind up being a toggle. my thought was if they walk in and see the button flashing they know it's in vacation mode but based on your request of the button LED state when they hit the button if it was day it would put it back to day scene if it was night it would put it back to night Normally I think clients would want to know if there house was in vacation mode or not.

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    thanks, but I know how to write the code using conditionals; I was looking for something a bit "simpler" than using the sequence as initially described.

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