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Thread: Automating Maestro Lutron based circuit

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    Automating Maestro Lutron based circuit

    HiI have in my house some circuits which have Maestro Lutron switches. For example, - 4 way circuit with a Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch and 2 Companion Switches.- 3 way circuit with a C-L Dimmer Switch and regular mechanic switches.I would like to automate these circuits but didn’t want to lose the money invested in the Lutron Maestro Switches (around $30 each).Is there any line that is compatible with them?I mean, can I replace one of the companion switches or the mechanical switches and add a wireless commanded switch?Thanks in advanceGleudson

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    No. RadioRA 2 and RA2 Select use the same form factor (Maestro style) but the devices you have do not have radios so there is no way for these systems to communicate with them. You would be able to use the companion devices but that is it.
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