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Thread: Wiring Issue

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    Wiring Issue

    I recently installed a PD-6ANS for the light switch on my patio.

    In the box where I was replacing the switch there were 3 sets of 14/2 coming out. I did not tag the lines and that is my fault, but when trying to connect I am assuming that all 3 black wires must be connected in some fashion to the 2 blacks on the switch.

    I tried several configurations to get the switch to have the green indicator light but only one configuration worked. I have 2 of the lines going to the bottom black and one to the top.

    This configuration allowed the switch to work however now I am having an issues with other switches on the same circuit (not 3-way). The other switches in the circuit will only work if the patio light is turned on.

    Any advice on how to wire with the 3 14/2 wires?

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    Hello. Do you have a neutral connection available in this location. (bundle of whites capped off in back of the box). Pages 33-35

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    Tie all the whites together. You will need a pig-tail to connect to the switch.

    Turn the power on. Using a voltage tester (ex: determine which black is hot. One of the 2 remaining wires goes up to the light, the other goes to the next box in line. Connect the wire going to the light to one black on the dimmer. Connect the remaining two to the other black.
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