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Thread: Lutron PD-5NE-LA ELV Caseta Turning on and off randomly

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    Lutron PD-5NE-LA ELV Caseta Turning on and off randomly

    So this isn't a wiring issue, this is a control issue I believe. Here is what is happening.I have 4w LED's hooked up in a chandelier. When I turn to MLV setting, the LEDs buzz. When I turn to ELV setting, they don't buzz, but the switch randomly turns them on and off or dims them.I have reprogrammed, rewired twice, and reset to factory several times to make sure I am going through each step correctly. Could it be the switch itself is bad, or is this something with the programming?

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    It "could" just be a compatibility issue. What is the model number of the LED? Have you checked
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