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Thread: RA2 Occupancy sensor. Why are simple things so hard?

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    RA2 Occupancy sensor. Why are simple things so hard?

    I am experimenting with an occupancy/vacancy RA2 sensor LRF2-OCR2B-P with RA2 Select system.I want to automate entry lights so they turn on automatically when homeowner enters the house.I don’t want the lights to automatically shut-off. Homeowner will manually decide when/if they want to turn the lights off. They have an open-plan area so entry lights also provide accent and task lighting for kitchen area. Having the lights automatically turn off is a big annoyance.I can’t find any setting in RA2 Select to control the behavior and the sensor itself only has configuration buttons to set the delay for shut-off (5 min, 15 min, or 30 min) but no option to disable shut-off.I could use HomeKit and setup my own automations, but the RA2 sensor is not “exposed” to HomeKit.Is there no simple solution?(I have thought of complicated alternatives such as using a Philips Hue motion sensor which is available to HomeKit, but then I would have to install a Zigbee bridge for it.I have also thought of using a dummy Lutron appliance module and setting the RA2 sensor to control that module only and set rules in HomeKit when that “dummy” module turns on to then turn on the actual entry lights. Again, Rube Goldberg-ish workarounds for a rather simple thing - from the end-user/homeowner point of view.Just for laughs, if I upgrade them to a full RA2 main repeater and connect bridge, would it be any easier or is this limitation of the RA2 sensor still the problem?

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    It has been a while since I have done this but... In the programming tab, select "Occupancy" from the drop-down. Select "Unoccupied" at the bottom left. Set everything to unaffected. Kind of a pain but I believe it will work.
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