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Thread: Locking a keypad from a button

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    Locking a keypad from a button

    Does anyone know if we use as an example button 1 on a 3s hold to enable the Security mode and have security mode set to Lock devices including that keypad will that stop us unlocking the keypad? Scenario is a client wants the kids keypad locked when they press a lock button on that keypad, this is to stop them adjusting the current scene or lighting setup, if it was just one scene then it would be easy as I could set the light level via security mode. I had hoped there might be the option to lock a area but it looks to be scene control, not sure what the unaffected option would do on there? I do not have a current demo setup in the office and the job is 100+ miles away so can't play with it to see what works or dose not. This could all be done via our Control4 system but I like to keep as much of the control in the Lutron processor and not use the integration to do it if I can avoid it. Any help or ideas would be good

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    You don't need security mode. On the program screen, navigate to the keypad, click on the HOLD tab. Select "devices" from the "Show all" drop-down. You can then pick and the keypads you want to lock. They will remain locked until they receive an unlock command. You will need a button somewhere, or a timed event to unlock them individually or as a group.
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