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Thread: Possibly Stupid Question about RD-RD-Wh

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    Possibly Stupid Question about RD-RD-Wh

    Hey all, this may seem silly, but I was wondering if the RD-RD needed to be on the same circuit as the RRD-6NA to do a three way. I've got a job coming up and it would be so much easier if I could tap into the power from a nearby outlet and then use the inclusive software to link the three way. Is this even possible?


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    RD is linked to 6NA via the blue wire, so it must be part of the same circuit. See wiring diagrams for RRD-6NA in the installation instructions.

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    To that end though... Before I moved to a RadioRA2 setup, I was using a cheaper automated lighting protocol. While RadioRA2 is substantially better in many ways (no way I'd ever go back), the older setup had some features I'd like to see in RA2 and one of those is 'binding' loads on different circuits.

    The undercabinet lights in our home are on 3 different circuits for whatever reason. My wife thinks they should all turn on and off with any one of the dimmers. I think that would be handy as well.

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    Don't forget the Pico. Great way to create the "virtual" 3-way.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone, I suppose I'll have to figure something out. Maybe use the pico.

    Swancoat, on the topic of features I'd like to see in the radio ra 2 system. How about the main repeater having the ability to do POE, which would make hiding it it bit easier. Also, putting an ethernet port on the aux repeater so you can just put in on the network.

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