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Thread: Multi-Zone Temperature Control

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    Multi-Zone Temperature Control

    I wondered if anyone has a best practice in mind for multi-zone temperature control using Lutron gear.

    Is the best way to have multiple-zones or controllable dampers to install either multiple TouchPros or multiple HVAC controllers (sensors/etc.) and connect them with a Honewell HZ322/U zone controller? Further, can one mix TouchPros with HVAC controllers/sensors? With a single Lutron TouchPro, the thermostat icon seems to be available in each room on the Control+ apps. I assume there would be two icons in the app, but in such a case, how would you tell each room what thermostat is correct for them? Thanks!

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    The best temperature configuration would depend mostly on the application. The HVAC controller is meant to be on a back room device and having either the wired flush mount sensor or the RF sensor in the space where the zone should be defined. The Honeywell TouchPro unit has a built in temperature sensor and it is meant to be in the space. You can mix and match TouchPros and HVAC controllers in the same system.

    If you have temperature control in a system, the temperature icon will appear in every room on the Lutron Home Control+ app. This is done in order to make it easier for the home owner to control any temperature zone in the system without having to change rooms. When you select the temperature icon, you will be able to view and cycle through every temperature zone in the system. The way the app will identify the temperature zone will be by its zone name.

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