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Thread: Green LED lights on the side of switch don't light up at all (P-PKG1W-WH-R)

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    Question Green LED lights on the side of switch don't light up at all (P-PKG1W-WH-R)

    We have a dozen or more Caseta switches with pico remotes. (P-PKG1W-WH-R) We flipped off two breakers to two of our bedrooms for some remodeling. When we flipped the breakers back on, the caseta switches no longer worked - no green LED dots light up at all. (They were not disconnected or moved in anyway, simply precautionary for drywall work). Both rooms did not function after turning the power back on to those two bedrooms. I bought two new switches from Home Depot and we replaced bedroom 1 which fixed the bedroom and we had lights again. We went to bedroom 2 and on a lark we turned it on and it worked! So we didn't need to replace bedroom 2 and we though perhaps bedroom 1's original caseta might still work. I tried to use it to replace a different flip switches, but it appears it is dead.Is there any troubleshooting steps to do that we can try when there are no lights on the switch at all? I know the wires are hot. Any ideas?

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    Voltage sticks will indicate the presence of voltage but you need a neutral connection to complete the circuit. I don't know what effect turning off the breaker would have. Maybe in the drywall process the wires got pushed/pulled enough to loosen the connection. It sounds like you restored the neutral when you replaced the switches in bed1. The same could be true of the hot. A loose connection might have been restored when you replaced the switches.
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    I guess that MIGHT have happened - but bed2 (that started working on it's own) had no electrical done at all, it's drywall wasn't even touched as originally planned. What can I do to test to see if this lutron switch is actually bad? Right now I thought the easiest way to test it would to be to replace the simplest switch in our house - only two wires, and one light fixture. Works fine with a dumb flip switch, but the smart switch pretends there is no voltage there?

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