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Thread: PD-6WCL issues

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    PD-6WCL issues

    Hi everyone. I am in need of some help. I installed one pd-6wcl a few months ago. Everything worked perfect. Being a noob I bought two more today and tried installing to kitchen lights from other areas of home. All 3 switches lit up when i turned breaker back on. The green led indicator just blinked one by one going in same direction. Lights did not work. I removed the 2 new switches i installed and the original pd i had installed doesnt work at that point. I put the two switches that came with the house back and still nothing. Lights wont work from any of the switches nor the app. What can i do? Two switches are 3 way setup and one switch is a 4 way setup.

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    The 6WCL does not directly support 3-way/4-way switching. There are directions in the advanced instructions on how to replace the 3-way/4-way switches with Pico Remotes. You can find the instructions here:
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