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Thread: PD-10NXD instead of PD-6WCL

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    Question PD-10NXD instead of PD-6WCL

    WAC lighting lists the Lutron Caseta PD-6WCL as a tested and compatible "Forward Phase Dimmers (TRIAC)" (with flicker below 6%)If I want 3-way support, can I use PD-10NXD in it's place? They seem to be similar topologies.

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    You could probably get away with it. WAC lighting is notoriously difficult when used with digital dimmers (Caseta, Maestro) but I have had it be ok once or twice depending on the fixture. The dimmers use the same general design, but they aren't the same. There are enough differences that it is possible it would be problematic, especially with WAC. I would buy the 10NXD from somewhere with a good return policy and try it. Be sure to connect the neutral if available. Hope this helps!
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    I concur with evankirkhart's opinon on WAC and the digital dimmers. I would tell you not to do it, or swap the fixtures and use the 10NXD. Best bet, go with the 6WCL and a Pico, so you stay within WAC's recommendations. That way it's on them, not you.Done WAC with RA2/Msestro for ten years, it never works well. My solution was to switch it. No issues there- run a PD-5ANS. But that rarely flies with the homeowner.
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