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Thread: Radiant heat control

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    Radiant heat control

    Hello. I have Radio RA2 throughout my home controlling lighting and HVAC. The only thing that was not integrated was control of my radiant heat in the basement. At the time, I was told there was no way to replace the standard analog manual thermostats. Is this something that Lutron supports now and can it be easily integrated into my existing system? I just want to replace the analog thermostats with a digital one that can be controlled remotely.

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    The old analog thermostats running on the bi-metal coil act as a simple switch. There might be a way for this to happen if you can get a constant 24VDC power source to the location. This would be similar to people retrofitting a NEST thermostat to these old systems. I would contact Tech support for clarification.
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    I have a mix of Lutron HVAC-1s with SeeTemp controls and NestE thermostats on my hydronic radiant system. The NestE's work fine on the two-wire system, using "power stealing" to charge their batteries. The Lutron controllers are mounted near the valve manifolds and relay switches, so they can be powered and connect properly to the heating controls. They have a hard-wired flush-mount sensor running to the rooms they control, and can have wireless sensors added. The SeeTemps are wired to the line voltage and control the temp wirelessly to the HVAC-1. For a simple heat-on/heat-off, the Nests are frankly easier to set up and control. They also have some radiant-specific features that seem to work well.

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    Go to Click on "where to buy" in the upper right corner. I would start with the Lutron Representative. They can help you find the right dealer for your needs.
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    Lightbulb Radiant heat control

    Electric radiant heat, popularized in the U.S. in the 1950's was installed in ceilings, using either flat electrical resistance heaters atop ceiling drywall or in special gypsum-board panels containing electric resistance heat wiring.

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