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Thread: Wiring Diagram For Older Dimmer

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    Wiring Diagram For Older Dimmer

    Hello, I am looking for help finding a wiring diagram or other documentation for an older Lutron dimmer switch that I am attempting to replace. The clicker on the old switch had broken so I purchased a new Lutron Maestro (MACL-135MH-WH) to replace it. However, after removing the old switch from the wall and looking at the wiring on the back, it appears to be slightly different than on the new switch. Rather than having colored screws to attach wiring as shown in the diagram of the new switch, there is instead a black plastic enclosure with 3 wires coming out -- black, red, and blue. Here is an image of the switch: I also do not seem to be able to find any specific model number on the old switch. The only thing I found was "Maestro MAW-R" on the label of the adjacent switch in the same wall outlet, which also has the same enclosed wiring on the back. But when I've searched for that online I have not been able to find any diagrams that match the enclosed wiring model that I have. Can anyone help identify the model number and/or the wiring diagram for my older Maestro switch shown here? (

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    That’s a remote dimmer. In a 3 way switch, there is a master dimmer and a remote dimmer. The device that controls the light would be at the other location, and it would have indicator LEDs. The second or third location would use an accessory dimmer- a device that communicates with the master dimmer to control it. If the MA-R remote dimmer is broken, just replace it with a new one like-for-like and you’ll be good to go. The second page will be most helpful, keep in mind you have a broken companion, not master:
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