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Thread: RR-6ND 3 way application

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    RR-6ND 3 way application

    Wasn't able to find this answer using forum search. I am new to RA2Select and RR-6ND is not working in a three way application with neutral using a mechanical 3 way. I'm using Diagram 6 in the instruction manual and made sure that the RR-6ND was on the load side. if I turn on the manual 3way on the supply side RR-6ND is able to control the light, but if the 3 manual is switched off looks like RR-6ND has no power and cannot power the load.

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    I don't think RadioRA2 switches can be used with a mechanical 3 way switch. You would have to use the companion device (RD-RD). It uses the same wiring but works differently. This is noted in the installation instructions. Hope this helps!
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions

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    Thank you!

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