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Thread: Keypad Backlighting Color

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    Keypad Backlighting Color


    I'm new to the RadioRA system and still learning.

    Just wondering, with the RadioRA keypads, are there any other available backlight colors besides green? Just plain white would seem like it would work better to fit certain designs and anesthetics.


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    No. It has been talked about for years but Lutron has never expressed any interest.
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    So I’m new to the Keypads, as I’m just getting into RadioRA2 vs Caseta and Select. According to the design guide here ( dark colored keypads have backlit lettering vs the whole button being backlit like on the light colored ones.Does anyone with hands on experience with both have any input on how they look? I.e. is it worth it to go with darker colors to get the backlit lettering vs the lighter colors with the whole buttons with a green glow? Since all the keypads are actually the same with different button kits, I assume the backlit lettering is also green like the fully backlit buttons on the lighter keypads.

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    Keypads and button kits, except for the color, are exactly the same. Lighter color buttons glow so they use black ink for the engraving. Darker color buttons don't allow the light through so they use a lighter color ink (I think it is white??). The back light causes the ink to glow. IMO, the glowing ink looks better. However, I would not sacrifice aesthetics by putting black keypads on a white wall. If you want an upgraded look try the satin colors. The matte finish looks way better than the shiny gloss finish
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